How to Watch Japan AV Abroad

When you access the videos I have introduced from other than Japan, you will see the following screen.

In order for you to watch the desired video, you need to connect to the IP address of the Japan using a VPN.

Please buy a VPN from the following sites and get your Japan's IP address

Access NordVPN

Once I bought a VPN, I click on the link from my site to go to a site called FANZA. (It may be other sites)

The link to access FANZA from my site is a red or black button or link under the video on the page you want to buy.

Once you have accessed FANZA, click "今すぐ購入" as shown in the photo below.

Once clicked, register as a member. Click on "無料会員登録はこちら"

メールアドレス = email address. パスワード = password. Once you have entered, press the yellow button below (認証メールを送信する)

After that, register as a member and jump to the photo site as shown below

Please purchase from the yellow button on the right, "購入を確定する"

お支払方法 = Payment method

Purchase is completePlease 💘 try to buy various works